we are not

I once heard someone say we were snowflakes. That the human condition was to be unique, to exist as individually crafted beings entirely different and separate from the rest. Another time, someone suggested we are fungus. That we are all the same. One organism that is connected to its counterparts, and grows in the spirit of collectivism. What these ideas fail to address is the following: the things life does to us. The way we are born is not the way we die. There is a certain something that happens along the way. Our souls are assailed and our hearts break only to reform in new ways. We are not snowflakes, we are not fungus. We are rocks. Pieces of the whole that continue to fragment as life erodes away to our cores. Sometimes we crack loudly by brute force, we shatter; other times the dust dreamily floats way without a sound. But always our sediments collect, and a new being is born, as the weight of those we love form us back into solid souls. 

- illesha K